Euthanasia (End of Life) Services for Pets in West Chester

End of Life Care - West Chester Veterinary Center

It is not easy to make the decision of how we should end our pet’s life. The staff understands what pain this causes, and they are here to help you during such a difficult time.

Sometimes, it may be clear that your pet is going through too much suffering for their health or well-being. With palliative care as an option, your animal will often need extensive medical care in one or more of the following areas: nutrition, pain relief, hydration (to maintain body fluids), temperature regulation (regulating body heat), skin care (taking good care of its outer appearance) digestion support (assisting with food being broken down into digestible pieces) and mobility assistance(helping an animal function).

In cases where medication intervention no longer improves health or provides comfort due to illness on ending days before death occurs , euthanasia can be considered as the best option for relieving their suffering by putting them down peacefully so they don't suffer anymore.

The difficult choice to euthanize a beloved pet is something that needs to be discussed with your vet. They will meet with you in order to discuss the process and help determine if euthanasia is appropriate or not as well as when it should occur.

Euthanasia Services (End of Life) - What is the Process Like?

Euthanasia is performed in a quiet and comfortable environment by an experienced veterinarian. He or she will inject an overdose of anesthesia along with medication to stop the heart, while they are awake so that they don't experience any discomfort. Owners have the option of staying in the room if desired.

What Can I Do To Prepare?

One way to reduce emotional stress before euthanasia is by deciding how the pet's body will be cared for. This can include burial, private cremation or group cremation. Many owners choose to spend their pet’s final days giving them extra attention and treats, or spending some time with a veterinarian who can provide suggestions for making their pets last moments just as special as they experienced throughout his life.

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