Meet Dr. Jennifer Malcolm, BVMS, MRCVS


Meet Dr. Karla Blackmore, DVM in West Chester

Dr. Jen has always loved the practice of medicine. She grew up in Cincinnati, in a family of medical doctors, and found all things medical fascinating. She planned on becoming a human doctor (or a veterinarian) from a very small age, but instead gave her family shock and anxiety by going to college and getting a B.F.A in graphic design. After graduation she decided to return to her first love, and went to Villanova for further science and math requirements while working as a nurse in a veterinary clinic; finally attending the University of Glasgow in Scotland for her veterinary degree. Her love of wrestling sheep in the Scottish countryside has served her well in her recent home life, as she currently spends her off time wrangling her 5 small children. Dr. Jen may have taken a circuitous route to her dream, but has certainly ended up in the right field. She comes to work every day oozing energy, joy and excitement. She loves learning new things and is always happy for a cuddle with her patients. When she is not in the clinic or chasing her children, Dr. Jen loves: reading, cooking, running, gardening and spending a precious few minutes with her husband and furry family members.