Dog, Canine ACL Surgery in West Chester

ACL Surgery for Canines Dogs - West Chester Veterinary Center

As a pet owner, you have many things to think about when it comes to your dog’s physical health. When you receive an ACL diagnosis or notice signs of injury or chronic pain in your furry friend, we will be there for support. We are here not only for emergency medical care but also specialty veterinary services like surgery when needed.

Small to medium sized dogs subject to discussion of individual case needs.

What happens during dog ACL surgery?

As a pet owner, you have to take care of your dog’s health and well-being. If the diagnosis for your dog is an ACL tear or if they are exhibiting symptoms of injury or chronic pain, we can be one of your biggest resources. We provide assistance with veterinary emergencies as well as offering specialty veterinary support like surgery when you and your family veterinarian suspect that it's needed.

Diagnosis – How Do I Know if My Pet Needs Dog ACL Surgery?

If your dog has torn his or her ACL, he or she will likely exhibit multiple signs of discomfort and immobility. Here are some of the primary clinical signs:

• Difficulty standing up
• Trouble jumping into the car
• Decreased activity level
• Lameness or limping (variable severity)
• Muscle atrophy (decreased muscle mass in the effected leg)
• Decreased range of motion in the knee joint
• A popping noise (which may also indicate a meniscal tear)
• Swelling on the inside of the shin bone