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spay or neuter your petWest Chester Veterinary Center offers affordable spay and neuter services with expert care.
  • Training and Experience counts. Our doctors are skilled in veterinary surgery. Our surgical nurse is a licensed technician.
  • Safest anesthesia methods available. We use only high quality induction agents and human grade Isoflourane gas anesthesia.
  • Smoother surgery with intravenous catheter with IV fluids given during surgery. This helps keep up the pet's blood pressure and allows for a smoother recovery.
  • We believe strongly in your pet's comfort. All surgeries include pain medication, both during surgery and to go home.
  • Our Equipment parts are clean, calibrated and up to date. We take the time to make sure that all of our equipment stays in top shape.
  • Advanced equipment which records not only heart rate, but blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure and ECG reading.

We also have a radio frequency unit available for incision and cautery. The advantage of this (vs. regular scalpel) is that, as the radio frequency cuts, it also cauterizes back tiny blood vessels and nerves. This reduces pain and bleeding during and following a surgical procedure.  Please ask our staff about our laser procedures.

Thank you for trusting the West Chester Veterinary Center for all your animal care needs. 

spay dog west chester ohioSurgical sterilization is a loving choice for your dog if you decide not to breed. Many people think of sterilization for the purpose of only preventing pregnancy, but surgery can prevent a number of common medical problems in male and female dogs. Spaying a female dog or neutering a male also will prevent a number of behavioral problems. Male dogs that are neutered around 6 months (the recommended age) are less likely to exhibit marking behavior, aggression, and wander away from home. Male and female dogs will still be playful, social, and interactive with their owners after a sterilization procedure. Female dogs will generally not have any change in behavior, as the reproductive tract of a female is actually dormant for most of the year.

Female dogs that are not going to be bred should be spayed before the first heat. The first heat of a female dog happens at about 6 months. Female dogs should not be spayed while in heat, as this greatly increases the risk of bleeding during surgery. Spaying markedly decreases the incidence of mammary (breast) cancer in female dogs. A female dog that goes through only 2 heat cycles has a 25% chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. For a female that is spayed before the first heat, the chance of developing breast cancer later in life is almost zero.

Female dogs also have about a 30% chance of developing a severe and life-threatening uterine infection, called a pyometra, if not spayed. 

spay and neuter

Spay and Neuter

WCVet offers affordable spay and neuter services with expert care.  We use the safest anesthesia methods available.

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Pet Vaccinations

Proper Vaccinations are vital to the health and protection of your pet, and serve as a preventive measure against diseases.


Pet Grooming Services

Expert pet grooming care ranges from traditional grooming to high style custom styles and colors.